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now,英语单词,主要用作为副词、形容词、名词、连词,作副词时译为“现在;如今;立刻”;作形容词时译为“现在的”;作名词时译为“现在;目前”;作连词时译为“ 由于;既然”。

外文名 now 词 性 副词、形容词、名词、连词 英式读音 [naʊ] 美式读音 [naʊ]

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now 单词用法 编辑

根据《柯林斯英汉双解大词典 》:

ADV You use now to refer to the present time, often in contrast to a time in the past or the future. 现在 PRON Now is also a pronoun. 现在 ADV If you do something now, you do it immediately. 马上 [ADV after v]PRON Now is also a pronoun. 马上 PRON Now is also a pronoun. 马上 CONJ You use now or now that to indicate that an event has occurred and as a result something else may or will happen. 既然 ADV You use now to indicate that a particular situation is the result of something that has recently happened. 这样一来 ADV In stories and accounts of past events, now is used to refer to the particular time that is being written or spoken about. 这会儿; 那时候 ADV You use now in statements which specify the length of time up to the present that something has lasted. 到现在 ADV You say "Now" or "Now then" to indicate to the person or people you are with that you want their attention, or that you are about to change the subject. (用于引起注意或用于转换话题) 好了 [口语] [ADV cl] ADV You use now to give a slight emphasis to a request or command. (用于婉转地强调请求或命令) 好了 [口语] [ADV with cl] ADV You can say "Now" to introduce information which is relevant to the part of a story or account that you have reached, and which needs to be known before you can continue. 你要知道 (用于信息承上启下) [口语] [ADV cl] ADV You say "Now" to introduce something which contrasts with what you have just said. 然而 [口语] [ADV cl] PHRASE If you say that something happens now and then or every now and again, you mean that it happens sometimes but not very often or regularly. 偶尔 PHRASE If you say that something will happen any day now, any moment now, or any time now, you mean that it will happen very soon. 不久 PHRASE Just now means a very short time ago. 刚才 [口语] PHRASE You use just now when you want to say that a particular situation exists at the time when you are speaking, although it may change in the future. 此刻 [口语] [1] PHRASE People such as television hosts sometimes use now for when they are going to start talking about a different subject or start presenting a new activity. 现在转到 (另一个话题或活动) [口语]

now 词组短语 编辑

up to now 到目前为止

just now 刚才;眼下

for now 目前,暂时

from now on 从现在开始

by now 到目前为止;到如今

until now 至今,直到现在,迄今为止

even now 即使到现在;尽管这样

till now 到现在为止,迄今

now and then 偶尔;有时

now what 又怎么了(表示感到厌烦);现在该怎么办

there now [表示警告或引起注意等]看,瞧

here and now 此时此地;立刻

now then 那么;喂

do it now 现在开始;立即行动

every now and then 不时地;常常

as of now 此刻,眼下

now or never 勿失良机,机不可失;把握现在

before now 过去,以前

where are you now 你现在哪里

[1] apply now 立即应用;马上申请;在线申请

now 双语例句 编辑

Now the machine is lying idle.


Well, I'd better be going now.


All our hopes now rest on you.